ACC067 Universal Oven Adjustable Shelf Racks


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ACC067 Universal Oven Adjustable Shelf Racks

ACC067 Universal Oven Racks. If you are having troubles finding a replacement oven shelf, or a shelf that is economical to buy, then the universal oven shelf is the answer. Fully adjustable with the sizes below and will fit the brands Electrolux, Simpson, Westinhouse, Chef, Smeg, Omega, Blanco, Fisher Paykel, Bellini, Beko, IAG, Daniela, Delonghi, Euro and many more.

This is a universal part to fit all machines with appropriate measurements.

Measurements: Size starts at 350mm and can extend out to 560mm.

Replaces parts number: 0327001145, 1548479, 1548215, 1556215, 1557335, 1556552

Suits Models: DSJ638SNG, POH660S, POH660W, POH662K, POH662S, POH668S, POH668W, POH660S*04, POH660S*07, POH660W*04, PXL698S, POH660W*07, POH662K*04, POH662K*07, POH662S*04, POH662S*07, POH668S*14, POH668S*15, POH668S*07, POH668W*14, POH668W*07, 63CS08W*00, PGL657S, PGL657W, PGL659S, PGL659W, PPL775S, PPL775W, POL660S, POL660W, POL662K, POL662S, POL662W, POL667S, POL667W, POL668S, POL668W, PDL790S, PDL790W, EDC693S, EDC693W, 63C904S*13, PGH658S, PGH658S*14, PGH658S*15, PGH658W, PGH658W*14, 66E204W, POL660S*02, ESE6633S, POL660W*02, 86E217SNG, 86E217WLP, POL662KCY, POL662SCY, POL662WCY, POL667KCY, POL667WCY, POL668SCY, POL668WCY, POL660S*27, 75C805S*13, 75C805W*13, EDE693S, POHL662SCC, POHL662WCC, POHL668SCC, POHL668WCC, 75C975W*13, 75C804W, 75C805S, 75C805W, 63C904S*11, 63C904S*04, 63C904S*07, 63C904W*11, 63C904W*04, 63C904W*07, POH662W*07, POH662W*11, FREESTYLE688, POH662W, POH662W*04, 63C904W*13, POH667W, VIRTUOSO782, EVOLUTION904, POH660W*11, FREESTYLE678, POH678S*00, 63C807W*00, POVJ782W, 63C904S*00, POH678W*00, POH777S*00, POH688S*00, 75C804W*00, POVJ782S, POH668K*00, POH774S*00, POH678K*00, 63C844W*00, 75C805W*00, PDVJ792W, PDVJ792S, 63C807S*00, POH773S*00, POH660W*00, POH685W*00, POH777K*00, POH776S*00, 63C911W*00, POH668S*00, POH667W*00, POH688W*00, POH776W*00, POH773W*00, 75C974W*00, POH685S*00, POH698W*00, 63C808S*00, 63C906S*00, 63C844S*00, POH774W*00, POH660S*00, POH776K*00, 75C805S*00, POH777W*00, 63C912W*00, 63C808W*00, POH688K*00, 75C804S*00, 63C904W*00, 75C984W*00, 63C906W*00, POH698S*00, POH792S*00, POH685K*00, POH782W*00, POH662K*00, POH698K*00, 75C986W*00, 75C986S*00, 63C911S*00, POH667K*00, POH667S*00, 75C975S*00, POH782K*00, 75C984S*00, 63C912S*00, POH792W*00, 75C975W*00, POH675K*00, POH675S*00, POH792K*00, POH668W*00, POH662S*00, POH782S*00, POH662W*00, POH675W*00, DSL635W, PSL632W, 83E712S*02, 83E706S*02, EDED697S, EDCD697S*30, DSE6653S, 63G904S, POL783S*30, EOCL633S, EOE693S, 63G912W, EOC697W*30, 88E738W*02, EOC643SCC, 63G912S, 63G906W, 63G911W, 63G911S, 88E736W*02, 88E738S*02, EOE643S, 67G616W, 67G616S, PSL632S, EGC652W, 88E736S*02, EOCR633S, EXC693W, 83E712W*02, 83E711W*02, 83E711S*02, 83E706W*02, POL783S, POL781S, EXC693S, EOE697S, 63G906S, EDCD697S, PDL794W, EGC633W, EGC653S, EOC697S*30, EOC697W, EOC697S, EOC693S, EOC673S, EOC643W, EOC643S, PDL794S, EOC633W, EOC633S, EOCR633W, EOCL633W, PPL778W, PPL778S, EOC673W, PPL776W, PPL776S, ESE6634S, EGC633S, EOC643WCC, DSL635S, 63G904W, EGC653W, PXL688S, 88E738S, DSJ638S, DSJ638SLP, 87E716W, 87E716S, 86E217SLP, 85E726W, 75C975S*13, 85E726S, 83E712W, 83E712S, 83E711W, 83E711S, 83E706W, 88E738W, 88E736W, 63C906S*13, 63C906W*13, 88E736S, 83E706S, PSJ633S, 63G808W, 63G807W, 63G808S, PSJ633S*13, 63C808W*13, 63C808S*13, 63G807S, 63C807W*13, 66E207W, 63C807S*13, 66E207S, 87E716W*02, 87E716S*02, 85E726W*02, 85E726S*02, 85E726W*01, 85E726S*01, EXC643W, 66E202W, PXL688K, EXC643S, PXL698W, PXL688W, 86E217WNG