12600420 Blanco Oven Fixed Joint Hinge


Blanco Spare Parts. Blanco is a home appliance brand founded in Germany in 1925, focusing on European styled appliances and quality German craftsmanship.


Fixed Joint Hinge – suit Blanco and Omega Ovens. 

Suits Omega and Blanco ovens including the following models: BOSE605X BOSE665X BOSE667X BOSE69TX BOSE69X BOSE709M BOSE79X BOSE90X BOSE97X BOSE99XP NPO75 OO912XN OO986X BOSE605X BOSE651X BOSE651XLITE BOSE665X BOSE667X BOSE69TX BOSE69X BOSE709M BOSE79X BOSE97X BOSE99XP NPO75 OO712XN OO712XR OO757X OO761XA OO761XN OO761XR OO845WR OO887XA OO912XN OO971XA OO97 1XN OO986X

Replaces 031199009930R and 031199009933R 

This is the original 12600420 Hinge. It looks like the one in the picture. Most companies are selling 12600870 instead which does not fit unless you muck around with it. Look on the side of your hinge. Does it have “420” printed on it? then this is the only hinge that fits it. Your hinge may also have “40″ stamped on base and “37” stamped on arm. This is the only hinge that fits it.

Beware – there are cheap and nasty copies of this hinge getting around. We guarantee this hinge to be an original Bompani hinge, as was supplied as original equipment on your Blanco or Omega stove.

If you are unsure as to fitment, please contact us prior to ordering.


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