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 Brand new Conia Appliances!

With the latest technology and durabilty to last how could you say no at these prices!:




Air-Conditioners (Split Pystems) $799
Refrigerators $199

Why buy from Dougie's - I buy from too many places as it is!

That's exactly why - Because when you buy from Doug Smith Spares, You don't need anyone else!

You've got accounts all over the place and its difficult enough to manage them all already, so opening another account can't help can it?

You go here for your Simpson parts, and there for your elements and switches, up there for your F & P stuff and down yonder for the best prices on the generic stuff. But Dougies can do the lot.

Ask each of your suppliers, can they do all of this:

  • Pick-up parts - do they supply the one offs and difficult stuff or are they just after your fast moving dollar?
  • Imported brands - is there range comprehensive
  • Local brands - can they supply all your Simpson/Hoover/Chef/Dishlex/Westinghouse/Kelvinator parts quickly and at the right price?
  • F&P - are they Fisher & Paykel Distributors, and can they get the stuff quickly for you?
  • Can they supply all the fast moving stuff at good prices?
  • Knowledge? - can you ring their staff and get the level of expertise that only 30 years of experience can bring?
  • manuals - do they have the latest manuals from the manufacturers, and are they up to date.
  • warranty - can you guarantee the parts your buying are of top quality, from a reputable source, and covered by a comprehensive warranty?

If you look at all of parts suppliers together they can probably do all of that. But Dougie's is the only one that can do it all! - And isn't that so much easier?

Open an account today. - and don't forget to read about how to fly free by buying parts from Dougie's!


Brand new Nobel appliances!

Italian made kitchen appliances.
Elegant design to compliment any kitchen.