Try this: Get a small piece of paper (about the size of a post-it note, but not sticky.) Place it in between your fridge gasket and the body of your fridge and close the door. Does the paper stay or fall? 

Repeat the test in all four corners of the gasket for both the fridge and the freezer section.

If the paper falls out, the magnet on your fridge gasket is not making a proper join with the body of the fridge. If the paper comes out so will the cold air. Not only will your fridge will not function properly, but you will waste energy as well, especially in the summer months.

A perished door seal can cause many problems on your fridge, not least of all sweating around the doors. This can lead to rusting, swelling, splitting of the plastic panels, and of course the build up of moisture that turns into mould.

Fridge door gaskets are easy enough to replace yourself, and usually not expensive. If you can find the model number on your fridge, then that is all we will need. If not, measure the exact size of the seal, and bring us a sample of if. We can have one made to exact measurements for you.

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