VS5 Universal Fridge Control Thermostat (VS-5)


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VS5 Universal Fridge Control Thermostat (Varafix VS-5). With Make-on-rise signal

This is the Original Ranco Varifix brand of make on rise Thermostat, not the cheap ‘Aruki’ copy.

Also Known as DR054, VS-5L, RF086, 1411400, 077B2061, 1411401, 077B2130, K54P1270, 878390, 878390P, 1404564, K54P1102, K54-P1102, 878400, A57P2936, 758714, 5060602, 883708P, 4000-05, 1404583VS-5, K54P1270, 1404583.

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