Antique and Period Appliances

Doug Smith Spares has been collecting old appliances for some years, usually from customers that no longer want to store their old appliance they have used and been passed down through family members, they did not want to throw them out as they have “History”. We were happy to acquire these appliances and display them at our Granville office, were they will be kept in good order for years to come.

As we understand their historical significance and rarity, they are not for sale. However, we do make these appliances available for film and TV sets. Please contact us for more information. A selection of what is available is below:

Chef Heritage Deluxe – Model 2-058EAAPCE C. 1980

Dishwasher – Hoover Autojet Model 4805. C. 1968

This had a round basket which turned and water sprayed onto the dishes which is quite the opposite these days with the spray arms turning to wash our dishes.

Upright Early Kooka by Metters. C 1940 (approx)

Washer – Wilksinservice deluxe mark ii Model 366-67. C. 1960

Fridge – Electrice Model M6C. C. 1950 (approx)

Washer – Hoover matic twin tub model 3318F. C. 1975

Washer – Simpson wringer model 11-22-010. C. 1960 (approx)

Benchtop Early Kooka by Metters. C. 1940’s (approx)

St George Grillmaster Upright Cooker. C. 1965 (approx)

Lang Vintage Wash Tub. C 1930 (we think)

Victa Lawn Mower. C 1975 (approx)