Change the way you BBQ Forever

ACC035 Teflon BBQ Liner.

Simply place the Teflon sheet over the plate. Instantly your BBQ is more hygenic, and non stick. No more burning food stuck to cast iron plates. No more rust, or manky caked on left overs from last time you used the BBQ.

When you’re done, simply take the sheet it off and wash it. (dishwasher proof) This makes cleaning your BBQ an absolute breeze.

If you’re using public BBQ’s teflon sheets are a must. You have no idea what’s been on that plate, or how well it was cleaned. By using a take-anywhere teflon liner, your food never touches the BBQ surface. What could be more hygenic than that?

Once you’ve used a BBQ liner, we don’t believe you’ll ever BBQ the old way again.

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ACC035 Universal BBQ Teflon Hotplate Liner (400 x 500mm)