UK-DS Universal Cooktop Control Poly Decal Set


Doug Smith Spares sells a wide variety of universal products and parts to suit a wide variety of brands, without compromising on quality.


UK-DS Universal Cooktop Knob Decal Set

  • This is included in all 4 packs of universal Knobs, but is also available separately.


A replacement knob system that would improve the appearance & functionality of most cooking appliances.  After more than 2 years in development the result is a modern clean design that will look good on old & modern appliances using quality materials & finishes with knobs that are easy to operate & flexible in it’s installation so a

Universal Stove Knobs Colour and Size. Doug Smith Spares

Available in 5 finishes & 5 sizes that fit most industry standard shaft sizes & fitting styles for you to easily & economically upgrade your appliances & kitchens appearance.

Features :-

2015+Good+Design+Awards. Doug Smith Spares wilson universal knobs
  • Fits most cooking appliance control/knob configurations:-

    • 3 industry standard shaft sizes – 3/16″ , 6mm & 1/4″

    • Flush , 10mm or 1″ insertions.

    • 8 Points of rotation adjustment.

    • Gas & Electric compatible.

    • Gas ignition collar.

  • Modern minimalist ergonomic design.

  • High quality flame & temperature resistant resins.

  • Real metal finishes on Stainless & Chrome finishes.

  • Mix & match sizes &/or colours.

  • Choice of contrasting indicator colours

  • 4 Pack includes 92 piece Decal & Temperature scale in hard wearing & temperature resistant polycarbonate.