RF923 Maytag Fridge Long Defrost Heater only. 61006079


Maytag is an American home and commercial appliance brand owned by the Whirlpool corporation, and have been selling in Australia for decades.

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RF923 Maytag Fridge Long Defrost Heater only. 61006079

May be known by other product numbers, including: 266836, 1546758, 1774806, 1617367

Suits Models: GS2726CEGW GS2726CEHQ, GC2220DEGB, GC2227CDFB, GC2227CDFW, GC2227DEDB, GC2227DEDW, GC2227EAD3, GC2227EAD5, GC2227EED0, GC2227EED3, GC2227EED5, GC2227SDFB, GC2227SDFW, GC2228EED3, GC2228EED5, GC2228EED9, GC2228EEDB, GC2228EEDW, GC2228GEH3, GC2228GEH5, GC2228GEH9, GC2228GEHB, GC2228GEHW, GC2229GEHB, GC2229GEHW, GC2327PEDB, GC2327PEDW, GC2328PED3, GC2328PED5, GS2726CEDB, GS2726CEDW, GS2726CEGW, GS2726CEHQ, GS2726CIDW, GS2727EAD1, GS2727EADW, GS2727EED1, GS2727EED3, GS2727EED5, GS2727EEDB, GS2727GAH1, GS2727GEH3, GS2727GEHB, GS2727GEHW, GS2728EEDB, GS2728EEDW, GS2728GEHB, GS2728GEHQ, GS2728GEHW, GS2787EKDA, GS2788EKDA, GS2788EKDQ, GS2788GKHQ, GS2928EEDB, GS2928EEDW, GS2987EKDA, GZ2727GEHQ, K3965X0, KF57U55, KF57U56, KFU5755, KG57U95SKD, KG66U55, KG66U920, KGU57990KD, KGU6655, KGU66920, KGU6695, KGU66990, MZ2727EEGB, MZ2727EEGW, R226D011, RISBS620PN, RISBS620RB, S60STRP, S61STRP, SRA22B, SRA23BN, TRIS245BBW, TRIS245FBW, AS2728GIHB, AS2728GIHW, AZ2727GIHB, AZ2727GIHW, GS2727EEDW, GZ2727GEHB, GC2227EED1, GS2727GAHI, KGU6699015, GC2227EE, GC2227GEH1, GZ2727GEHW