PI92-6SGM Electrolux PUREi9.2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Shale Grey


Electrolux has been a trusted name in floor care for longer than most of us have been alive. Now, they want to take floor care out of your hands and put it all in the brush-hands of a robot: The Pure i9 is a triangular, single-brush, intelligent robotic vacuum that includes a 3D mapping system and Electrolux’s PureFlow technology to clean your floors for you.

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PI92-6SGM Electrolux PUREi9.2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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You no longer need to be home to vacuum your home. You can do it from wherever, whenever through the mobile app. Take comfort in knowing you can always return to a clean home, because with the Electrolux PUREi9.2 you can vacuum from anywhere. Backed by Electrolux Platinum Service for complete peace of mind.

We have recently secured a shipment of these vacuum cleaners from Electrolux. The vacuum cleaners are still boxed and are sold as ‘factory seconds’. Normally factory seconds have some superficial damage, but we’ve never been able to detect any on any of these vacuum cleaners. most have got to the factory seconds chain because of deterioration to the carton only. As they are seconds though, we can offer them for the best price in Australia. They are all sold with a 12m manufacturers warranty, fully supported by Electrolux.  And we’re even throwing in free delivery. 


PI92-6SGM Electrolux PUREi9.2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Features
  • “Compact & Go” dust disposal system
  • Easy to empty dust bin
  • Wifi enabled
  • PUREi9 Mobile app connected
  • Triangular Trinity Shape™ & PowerBrush™ sidebrush
  • 3D Vision System™

Electrolux PI92-6GSM Robot Vacuum Cleaner Swedish Mountaineer  The Swedish Mountaineer.

Effortlessly crosses Thresholds of 2.2cm thanks to ClimbForceDrive(TM)




Electrolux PI92-6GSM Robot Vacuum Cleaner Trinity Shape. Doug Smith Spares

Unique Trinity Shape

The unique shape and low build enables the Pure i9.2 to access tight spots and reach corners, cleaning right up to edges in all sorts of situations. 



Electrolux PI92-6GSM Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3D vision. Doug Smith Spares3D Vision Navigation

No need to Remove objects from the floor before cleaning. The Pure i9.2 laser and camera based vision system maps the room, scans position of furniture and objects to assign a tailored plan for each room. 



Electrolux PI92-6GSM Robot Vacuum Cleaner Optimised Charging. Doug Smith Spares

Optimised Charging and Battery Capacity.

Super-fast charging with a longer cleaning ECO-mode available.


Additional information

Weight4.5 kg
Dimensions500 × 290 × 290 cm