LM101 Universal Oven Lamp (25W SES 300 Deg)


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LM101 Universal Oven Lamp (25W SES 300 Deg)

This is a 300 Degree Celcius rated lamp designed specifically for use in ovens. The ones you buy in supermarkets and hardware shops are usually not. They are just pilot lamps. If it’s not properly oven rated it will work, but it won’t last

Also maybe known as other part numbers including LM003 (electrolux), M1251775, 1548660, 1555863, 1556138, 1556493, 1556669, 1556865, 1557034, 1557185, 1557371, 1557659, 1557660, 1557927, 1557930, 1557933, 1558031,  1558067, 1560602, 1561974, and 1562370. 

These 14mm S.E.S. lamps fit hundreds of models of oven. We stock them in 15w and 25W. (see part number LM100 – 15w version)