KW650568 Kenwood Mixer Foot


Kenwood is a home appliance brand selling small kitchen appliances in Australia.


KW650568 Kenwood Mixer Foot. Also suits some Kenwood Kettles. Genuine Manufacturer supplied part.

Suits Models including KM001, KM002, KM003, KM030, KMP03, KM502, PM400, KMC570, KM353, DSM5, KMC015, KMC030, KMM777,  KMC577, KM357, KM355, KM353, KMC570, KMC011, KMC014, KMC572, KMC560, CM170, CM171, KMC015, KMC050, CM176, KMC053, KMC055, KMC070, KMC010, KMT017, KMT117, KMC053, JK330, JG630, JK632, JK633, JK634, SK900, KM334, KM336, KM335, KMC013, KMM770, KMC570, KM010, KMC010, KM355, KM3236, KM357, and more.

This is a genuine DeLonghi (Kenwood) part for your Kenwood Mixer. Doug Smith Spares Supply a complete range of Genuine Kenwood and Delonghi Spare Parts.