J60304080BP Panasonic Microwave Light Bulb Oven Lamp (20W)


In addition to its well known Electronics products, Panasonic also produces a range of cooking, cleaning, and temperature control appliances.

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J60304080BP Genuine Panasonic Microwave Light Bulb Oven Lamp (20W)

This lamp is the Genuine one sold by Panasonic for your Microwave. It has an in-between size (17mm) which is neither ES nor SES. (this size is sometimes referred to as “Japanese ES” or “JES”.)

There are chinese copies of this lamp around as well. They are poorly made, have an electrode that is too soft and poorly formed, and they don’t fit well and can make a poor connection. So please be careful. If the price looks too good to be true, you are NOT getting the right (Genuine panasonic) lamp. MW903 is an aftermarket version of this lamp. We don’t sell that. The original one is still available, as it’s always been and it’s in stock at Doug Smith Spares.

We are Authorised Stockists of Genuine Panasonic Spare parts and Guarantee all our Panasonic Spare parts to be the original OEM part, backed with a full 12 months Panasonic Parts Warranty.