H0120200356 Haier Dishwasher Inner Door Seal


Haier is a Chinese multinational consumer electronics group that sells home appliances in Australia. They also own Fisher & Paykel and Elba.


H0120200356 Haier Dishwasher Inner Door Seal.

Rubber Gasket to fit the inner part of the lower door on Haier and Fisher & Paykel dishwashers. 

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Suits Fisher & Paykel Dishwashers including Models: DW60FC4X1 (81632-A), DW60FC1W1 (81636-A), DW60FC1W1 (81637-A), DW60FC1X1 (81129-A), DW60FC1X1 (81130-A), DW60FC2W1 (81123-A), DW60FC2W1 (81635-A), DW60FC2X1 (81124-A), DW60FC2X1 (81634-A), DW60FC4W1 (81125-A), DW60FC4W1 (81633-A), DW60FC4X1 (81126-A), DW60FC6W1 (81127-A), DW60FC6W1 (81631-A), DW60FC6X1 (81128-A), DW60FC6X1 (81630-A),, DW60U2I1 (81202-A), DW60U6I1 (81201-A).

Suits Haier Branded Dishwashers including Models: HDW13V1W1, HDW15V2S1, HDW15V2W1, HDW15V3S1 & HDW15V3W1, DW60FC1X1 (81129-A), DW60U6I1 (81201-A),  DW60U2I1 (81202-A), HDW15V3W1 (61601-A), SW60FC1X1 (81130-A), DW60FC1W1 (81636-A), DW60FC4X1 (81126-A), DW60FC2W1 (81123-A), HDW13V1W1 (61597-A), DW60FC4W1 (81633-A), DW60FC6X1 (81128-A), HDW15V2S1 (61600-A), HDW15V2W1 (61599-A), HDW15V3S1 (61602-A), DW60FC6W1 (81631-A), DW60FC1W1 (81637-A), DW60FC6W1 (81127-A), DW60FC4X1 (81632-A), DW60FC4W1 (81125-A), DW60FC2X1 (81124-A), DW60FC2X1 (81634-A), DW60FC6X1 (81630-A), DW60FC2W1 (81635-A)

Haier is one of China’s largest manufacturers of appliances. They are also the parent company for Fisher and Paykel. As a result there is naturally much crossover between spare parts for the Fisher and Paykel and Haier brand names. As national Distributors of Genuine Haier Spares, we can Supply a complete range of Haier, Fisher & Paykel and Elba spare parts. All our Haier parts come with a 12 month warranty.

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