H0030300086A Haier Dryer Belt


Haier is a Chinese multinational consumer electronics group that sells home appliances in Australia. They also own Fisher & Paykel and Elba.


H0030300086A Haier Dryer Belt (Green)

May be known by other product numbers, including: H0030300313

Suits Haier Dryers including HMD35. Also suits many other brands of Chinese made dryers including Homemaker & Mistral MTD3, MTD4, Stirling (aldi), Abode, Rank Arena, Omega RATD3, SIG3.5, SIG3.5-1.

Haier is one of China’s largest manufacturers of appliances. They are also the parent company for Fisher and Paykel. As a result there is naturally much crossover between spare parts for the Fisher and Paykel and Haier brand names. As national Distributors of Genuine Haier Spares, we can Supply a complete range of Haier, Fisher & Paykel and Elba spare parts. All our Haier parts come with a 12 month warranty.