FILTD-FAN3 Dyson Air Purifier HEPA Filter Set


Dyson is a premium Appliance brand whose interesting devices can be found all over Australia in houses and businesses.


FILTD-FAN3 Dyson Air Purifier HEPA Filter Set

The Original Dyson Part Number for this filter is 968708-07

Exceptional quality High particle filtration HEPA filter will remove fine dust, pollen, bacteria and much more. Capable of removing particles as 0.3 microns in size. Activated carbon will capture allergens including pollen, mould spores, dust pet dander, microbes & remove gases, odors, VOCs and domestic fumes.This superior quality filter will provide reliable filtration than other generic filters.

We are Australian distributors of quality replacement Parts for Dyson Air Purifiers. All our Spare Part for Dyson are sourced directly from Europe, and we offer a 12 month warranty.

Suits Dyson Air Purifier/Cooler Fan Models: Pure Cool Tower Purifier TP04, Pure Cool Desk Purifier DP04, Pure Hot + Cool HP04.

We’ve been specialising in Appliance Spare parts for over 50 years. 

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