FE-07 Universal Fan Forced Element (2500W)


Smeg is an Italian manufacturer of upmarket domestic appliances that sells to the Australian market.


FE-07 Universal Fan Forced Element (2500W)

Oven Element to suit almost all the “short neck” models from Europe. Smeg, Blanco, AEG.

Replaces Stokes: 10402, 10420
Grimwood: VG25B000,

Wilson Elements available from Doug Smith Spares

This Element is manufactured by Wilson Elements, and Marketed by Electrolux. Doug Smith Spares are Authorised National Distributors of Electrolux Spare Parts. Wilson and Electrolux both stand by their product, so all of our Genuine Wilson Elements come with a manufacturer-backed 12 month warranty.

FE-06 FE-07 Size. Doug Smith SparesFE-06 FE-07 mounting Guide. Doug Smith Spares  FE-06 FE-07 Bracket. Doug Smith Spares

The original fan oven Universal bracket allowing for rear or front mount, self tapping or threaded and 20 mm offset adjustment.

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Depending on your wattage, use the FE-06 (2200w) or FE-07 (2500w) to replace following part numbers: 062097004, 10758, 10926, 12570030, 481225998405, 524022100, 10403, R2100001, VX470000, 806890591, 806890397, 806890355, 040199009967R, 040125009903R, 10110492, 262900027, CIM51-02, 00203174, SE115, SA360X, 60-1, 9303370000, 374, VX110000, 3130406, 03800, 3432, 000715V, 040199009932R, 2323261R, 040199009950R, XS9303370300, R2100008, FE06, 20.41212.000, IM51-02, 1673736, 1869038, 1773596, 1727206, 1875270, 1789897, 1779937, 1616976, 1648971, 1713155, 1771266, 1691523, 1784920, 1779483

Depending on your wattage, use the FE-06 (2200w) or FE-07 (2500w) can be used on the following Oven Models: SA280X/1, SA9065XS1, SA310W, SA310X, SA306X, SA710X, SA310X-5, SA20XMFR, SDO12-5, SA22XMF-5, SA305X-5, SA995XR, OA442, OA202W, OA252X, GHE06TW, BSO629, BSO6000X, BSO60X, BOSE65, BSO610X, BOSE960X, BSO632X, BSO600X, BMS755X, BMS604, BSO633X, BMS751X, BFS120X, 1515TISS, MFSS8203174, CIM51-02, SE115, 60-1, 9303370000, 374, 3130406, 03800, 3432, 000715V, 2323261R, 040199009950R, XS9303370300, R2100008, FE-06, FE06, 20.41212.000, 203174, VX110000, FAN, FORCED, BLANCO, 2200W, 240V, 040199009932R, BSO635, A11X-6, OA6062, SCA306X-5, 00652XA, OA-60 EUROPA, OA20X, SA365X, SA415, DE605MS, DE609MP, AP1246GWT, CMFS, DMFPS60 (F6E0DA012X), DMFPS62B, DE60E, DE60EPS, DMFPS60B, DE60MS, DE602EPS, LMFS60F, APMFS, DE60PSC, PMFPS60B, DE62MPS, DMFPS60BF, DE60PYROS, DMFPS, EMFPS 60 B(F6ET), DMFPSII, DE60MPS (F6ET), P759SS, DFF6.6SS, 00674XA, TO551X, 00671XN, TO851X, RET90SS, 00612XN, 00761XA, 00887XN, BOSE99XP, LUO79ESS, P999SS, LUO99ESS, LUDO74ESS, OO986X, LUDO44SS, 00761A1X, 0065SXA, 00885XR, OA20-1, 00910XA, 00651XA, LOO9002, 00971XN, 00971XA, DA6DOSS, 00671XA, 0067SXA, DAO9003, IOS6SE2, IOF6SE1, IUG6SE1, IOH6SE1, B6GEFTSS, IOF6WE1, IOM6SE2, IOM6SE1, EPT600S8X, GHE06TD, IOF6SE2, SA9065XS, SCA706X, SCA708X, SA705X-7, SA990XR-8, SA9010X, OFGE9MXA, OF901XZ, SA990XR, OF902XA, SA20XMFR8, C91GMXAT, SA22XMF, OF901XA, SA310X-6, SA9065, SA9066XNG, SA9065XNG, SA9066XS, SA310X5, A11A-5, SA398X/1, SA208X, A11CER-5, SA995XR-5, SA301X-5, SA710X-5, FS60XNG, FS61XNG, CSA19XLP, S600, S600EB, SA240X, SA1010MFX, FS61XLPG, FS64MFX, FS61WHNG, FA67, FS64MFXLP, FS66MFX, FS67MFX, S10XMF, SA360X/1, SA504X, SA506X, OF602XA, SDO10, SA360X, FS61MFXLP, SA360EB/1, SA301X, FS61MFX, A2, SA706X, OE606XP, BOSGG611X, BOSGG611, BOSE63X, OE606X, OE604XP, OE604GG, OE604X, BOSGG65X, BOSE635, OE608TX, OE606GG, BOSE635X, BOSE633X, BOSGG63X, BOSE65X, BLP90, 1505TIWH, BRP90, 1505TI, BMWH7, BP90GE, BMSS8, BIV90GE, BMWH8