CAP008 Universal Dryer 8 µF Capacitor


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CAP008 Universal Dryer 8 µF Capacitor

Universal capacitor to suit all machines with the same capacitor rating.

May be known by other product numbers, including: 0588400004, 125653961, 133015100, 2920602, 427502P, 460833, CR421309208091, H00330506020B, 1655969, 1586717, 1587567, 1587887, 1586978, 1614390, 1939488, 1617255, 1917741

Suits Models: 39S455J*01, EDV605S, LD505E, 52B862BW*04, 52B860BW*06, 52B864BW*04, 52B864BW*05, 50B881BW*03, 52B866BW*05, 39D505SR*12, 52B860FW*06, 52B860FW*05, 52B866BW*04, 39P350J*02, 39S505E*02, 50B881BW*02, 39S500J*02, KED300, 52B840BW*03, 52B850SF*00, 39S512E*01, 39B510SA*12, 39S555J*01, 52B860MW*02, 39S555J*02, FS50EA*01, 39S550J*01, 52B860BW*05, 52B862BW*02, 52B860BC*03, 52B864BW*03, EDV505, 39P450J*02, 39S512E*02, 39S455J*02, 52B880MW*03, 52B880MC*03, 39D512SA*13, 39S505E*03, EDV605, 39S512E*03, 52B85WF*00, 39D505SR*13, 52B860FW-000, 52B860BW-000, 52B860BB-000, 52B862BW-000, 52B864BW-000, 52B866BW-000, 52B868BW-000, 52B880BW-000, 52B880BB-000, 52B880MW-000, 52B880MB-000, 52B860FW*02, 52B860FW*03, 52B860BW*02, 52B860BW*03, 52B860BC*02, 39S550J*02, 39D512SA*12, 52B862BW*03, 52B864BW*02, SB905WE*00, 52B866BW*02, 52B866BW*03, 52B868BW*02, 52B868BW*03, 52B880BW*02, 52B880BW*03, 52B880BC*02, 52B880BC*03, 52B880MW*02, 50B861BW*02, 52B880MC*02, 52B862BW*05, 50B861W*00, 50B86BW*01, 50B881BW*00, 50B881BW*01, SA904B*00, SA904B*01, SA904B*02, SA904B*03, SA904B*04, SB904B*01, SB904B*02, 52B860BW*04, 52B860FW*04, 52B860MW*01, LD605EB, LD505EB*01, LD505EB, EDE605A*00, LD605EB*00, LD505EB*00, LD500B*00, 39S505EM*00, 39S600M*00, 39S500M*00, 39P400M*00, LD605EB*01, 39S600M, 39S500M, 39P400M, 39S555K*02, 39S555K*01, 39S550K*02, 39S550K*01, 39S500K*02, 39S500K*01, 39S455K*02, 39S455K*01, 39P450K*02, 39P450K*01, 39P350K*02, 39P350K*01, 39S500J*01, 52B840BW*02, 52B840BW*01, EDV6051 91600206201, EDV6051 91600206202, EDV6051 91600206203, EDV6051 91600206200, ED56, AD55AU 93214B, HDC80E1