BR67051017 Braun MultiQuick Blade


Delonghi is an Italian appliance manufacturer based in Treviso, Italy. The group is also responsible for marketing the Kenwood, JVC, Braun and Ariete brands.


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BR67051017 Braun MultiQuick Blade

Suits Types 4191, 4464 and variants including: MultiQuick 5, Multiquick 6-in-1 Hand mixer M 1070, Multiquick 7 – MQ775, Multiquick 5, Minipimer 5, Multiquick 7, Minipimer 7, Multiquick professional, Minipimer professional, Multiquick fresh, Minipimer fresh, Multiquick 5 MR 550 Buffet, Multiquick 5 MR 540 Menu, Multiquick 5 MR 570 Patisserie, Multiquick 7 MQ 775 Patisserie, Multiquick MR 5550 M FP, Multiquick MR 5550 M FP and more. There is a full model list below.

Genuine Braun Spare part, not a copy. We are Australian distributors of Genuine replacement Braun and Delonghi Spare Parts. All our Braun parts come with a 12 month warranty.

Model list (use CTRL F to search for your model): 0X81332121, 0X81325943, 0X64644703, 0X81260901, 0X81341598, 0X64644713, 0X64196749, 0X64196709, 0X64196719, 0X81312250, 0X81325935, 0X81325936, 0X81332752, 0X81332751, 0X81332748,  0X64191709, 0X64191719, 0X64196706, 0X64191749, 0X64196707, 0X64196705, 0X81269564, 0X64196742, 0X64196736, 0X81247653, 0X81247803, 0X81247805, 0X64196721, 0X81372671, 0X81383987, 0X81372669, 0X81330684, 0X64196751, 0X81332747, 0X64196708, 0X64196724, 0X64196731, 0X64196732,  0X64196740, 0X81262959, 0X81268146, 0X64196734, 0X22111005, 0X22111010, 0X22111012, 0X22111142, 0X22111118, 0X22111028, 0X22111030, 0X22111109, 0X22111128,  0X22111127, 0X22111205, 0X22111176, 0X22111050, 0X22111154, 0X22111052, 0X22111094, 0X22111091, 0X22111095, 0X22111096, 0X22111162, 0X22111163, 0X22111090, 0X22111165, 0X22111164, 0X22111181, 0X22111200, 0X22111215, 0X22111226, 0X22111212, 0X22111247, 0X22111245, 0X22111320, 0X22111312, 0X22111321, 0X22111289, 0X22111309, 0X22111291, 0X22111265, 0X22111268, 0X22111267, 0X22111267, 0X22111347, 0X22111326, 0X22111357, 0X22111358, 0X22111359, 0X22111387, 0X22111378.