ATPCB01 Omega Rangehood Main Control Board PCB


Omega is a home appliance brand operating in the Australian market. It is closely related to the Blanco and Smeg brands.

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ATPCB01 Omega Rangehood Main Control Board PCB

Suits Omega, Blanco and Vincente Rangehood Models Including: ORW6XA, ORW6XL, ORW9XA, ORW9XL, RBES63, RBES631, RBES64, RBES67, RBES68, RBES91, RBES911, RBES91P, RBES97, RWC3CH6SS, RWC3CH6WH, RWC3CH9SS, RWC3CL6SS, RWC3CL9SS, RWE3CH6SS, RWE3CH9SS, RWE3CL6SS, RWE3CL9SS, RWG3CH9SS, VC612, VC912

Replaces part number 115206

We are Australian distributors of Genuine replacement Blanco and Omega Spare Parts. All our Omega and Blanco parts come with a 12 month warranty.

Important notes on the purchase of all PCB’s : The diagnosis of electronic appliances is not a straightforward task and oftentimes electronic components can appear to be faulty, when they may not be. We STRONGLY encourage you to engage the services of a qualified service agent to diagnose and test your machine prior to purchasing a circuit board. By purchasing this item, you agree that the item you are purchasing may not fix the fault in your machine. Sometimes the fault in circuit boards can be a result of a fault in another component, and fitting a new board to the machine can result in damage to the new board as well. Electronic components can in some cases be damaged by static electricity, water, or some other factor. Because of these factors, this PCB may not be returned for credit under any circumstances, whether it has been fitted to your machine or not. Of course, the item is covered by a statutory manufacturer’s warranty, but if you claim warranty the PCB needs to be sent back to the manufacturer for testing. Once the manufacturer accepts the warranty, we will send you a replacement PCB. The failure rate on new PCB’s from the manufacturer is known to be less than 1 in 250.