AGF80300702 LG Fridge Water Filter


LG is a South Korean multinational corporation selling home appliances and televisions to the Australian market.

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AGF80300702 LG Fridge Water Filter – Genuine LG Filter. 

This refrigerator water filter replacement is for 2010 and on LG refrigerators that have either French doors or are the four-door dispensing models. This filter is designed to minimize impurities that can cause ill-tasting water or an unpleasant smell. It reduces sediment, dirt, rust, limescale, sand, and many other contaminants that can be harmful to your health and the life of your appliance. This filter should be replaced every 6 months or 1000 litres to ensure top quality performance. Make sure you Isolate the water to the fridge before changing. To remove your old filter, press the push button to open the filter cover (a little water may spill from the hole), pull out the old cartridge in a downward motion. To install the new filter, make it so the ears are in the horizontal position and push the new cartridge into the housing until it stops. Push the filter upward until it is secure. Click the cover to lock it in place. Run water for approximately 5 minutes to prime filter for use, and discard this water. Reset the “filter reset” button if applicable.

Replaces part number ADQ36006101. Suits LG Refrigerator models including: GR-D907SL, GR-L219CPL, GR-218CSL, GR-L219CSL, GF-SD730SL, GR-D907SL

We are Australian distributors of Genuine replacement LG Spare Parts. All our LG parts come with a 12 month warranty. If you find this filter cheaply online, it IS NOT a genuine LG filter, even if it says it is. (it’s easy to print sticky labels in China) Do not risk putting inferior rubbish into your refrigerator. It’s a few extra dollars, but you are going to DRINK what comes out of this filter.