Action Gel Rust Remover Gel 250ML


MIZU Foam is an Air-Conditioner coil cleaner. It removes mould spores, bacteria, germs and odours that have been accumulated in the AC coils.



Action Gel Rust Remover 250ML Commercial grade rust remover & converter. 

The product is in a thick gel form to enable it to be brushed onto vertical and horizontal metal surfaces and hold on until the rust is dissolved, unlike other rust removers you find in hardware outlets, which have a watery consistency and run off before the rust removal is complete. This is the only phosphoric acid based rust dissolver in gel form.

Simply apply a thick coating with a brush, leave for half an hour and rinse off. As a bath, it can be used over & over again. It is ideal for all steel and is particularly good on heavily corroded stainless steel pipe and rusted stainless steel.