ACC096 Westinghouse Fridge Hinge Conversion Kit


Westinghouse is a home appliance brand that sells a variety of different machines to the Australian market. Westinghouse Appliances are now part of the Electrolux Family, who are one of the leading producers in the Australian market.

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ACC096 Westinghouse Fridge Hinge Conversion Kit

Left hand door reversing kit for selected Westinghouse right hand opening refrigerators. All Required Parts: Having all the required parts enables you to complete the door reversing process yourself, hassle free.Customised Process: The conversion process has been designed as part of the fridge design. Not an afterthought. The door conversion can be carried out without any comprise to the overall appearance of the appliance.

Suits Models: WTB3700PC, WTB3700WC, WTB3400PC, WTB3400WC, WTB2800PC, WTB2800WC, WTB2500PC, WTB2500WC, WTB2300PC, WTB2300WC, WBB3400PA, WBB3400WA, WBB3700PA, WBB3700WA, WTB2300PF, WTB2300WF, WTB2500PF, WBB3400PF, WBB3400WF, WBB3700PF, WBB3700WF, WTB2500WF, WTB2800PF, WTB2800WF, WTB3400PF, WTB3400WF, WTB3700PF, WTB3700WF, WTB2800AG, WTB2800WG, WTB3400AG, WTB3400WG, WTB3700AG, WTB3700WG, WBB3400AG, WBB3400WG, WBB3700AG, WBB3700WG, WTB2300WG and WTB2500WG