140101086019 Westinghouse Cooktop Hotplate Element (2050W, 200mm)


Westinghouse is a home appliance brand that sells a variety of different machines to the Australian market. Westinghouse Appliances are now part of the Electrolux Family, who are one of the leading producers in the Australian market.


140101086019 Westinghouse Cooktop Hotplate Element (2050W, 200mm)

Chef, Westinghouse and Simpson. Replaces part number 0122004590, and A10108601. 

Doug Smith Spares are Authorised National Distributors of Genuine Electrolux Spare Parts. Electrolux are the parent company for Westinghouse, Kelvinator, Chef, Dishlex, Simpson, AEG, Vintec and Beefeater. Some parts may be common to several of those brands. Electrolux stand by their product, so all of our Genuine Electrolux Spare Parts come with a manufacturer-backed 12 month warranty.

Suits Chef, Westinghouse and Simpson Cooktop and Stove models including: 61C810W*00 61C810W*03 61C815HW*00 61C815W*00 61C815W*03 61C895W*00 61C895W*03 61C914W*00 61C914W*03 61C919HW*00 61C919W*00 61C919W*03 61D810W*00 61D810W*18 61D810W*19 61D817W*00 61D817W*18 61D817W*19 61D890R*00 61D890R*18 61D890R*19 61D919W*00 61D919W*18 61D919W*19 61D924W*00 61D924W*18 61D924W*19 61F810W 61F810W*01 61F817W 61F890R 61F919W 62F841WN 62F841WN*27 62F851W*27 62F854W*27 63B904B*02 63B904S*02 63B904W*02 63B905VW*02 75A804B*00 75A804B*05 75A804W*00 75A804W*05 75A974W*00 75A974W*05 75B804B*00 75B804B*01 75B804B*02 75B804W*00 75B804W*01 75B804W*02 75B954W*02 75B974W*00 75B974W*01 75B974W*02 75B975W*02 75B982B*02 75B982W*02 75C804S*00 75C804W*00 75C974W*00 94000189500 CLE527WB EBC5010W*18 EBC5010W*19 EBC5010W*20 EBC5030W*18 EBC5030W*19 EBC5030W*20 EBC5201W EBC5201W*04 EBC5201W*41 EBC5201W*43 EBC5201W*53 EBC5201W832 EBC5241*43 EBC5241W EBC5241W*34 EBC5241W*35 EBC5241W*53 EBC5241W832 EBC5261*43 EBC5261W EBC5261W*32 EBC5261W*34 EBC5261W*35 EBC5261W*53 EEC1230W-L*18 EEC1230W-L*20 EEC1230W-L*27 EEC1230W-L*29 EEC1230W-R EEC1230W-R*18 EEC1230W-R*20 EEC1230W-R*27 EEC1230W-R*29 EUC5110W EUC5110W*18 EUC5110W*19 EUC5110W*20 EUC5130W EUC5130W*18 EUC5130W*19 EUC5130W*20 EUC5330W EUC5330W*18 EUC5330W*19 PAH439W*00 PAH439W*01 PAH444W*00 PAH444W*01 PAJ140W*00 PAJ140W*13 PAJ140W*18 PAJ140W*19 PAJ140W827 PAJ143W*00 PAJ143W*13 PAJ143W*18 PAJ143W*19 PAJ143W*27 PAJ145WN*18 PAJ145WN*19 PAJ161B*00 PAJ161B*13 PAJ161B*18 PAJ161B*19 PAJ161B*27 PAJ501R*00 PAJ501R*13 PAJ501R*18 PAJ501R*19 PAJ509R*00 PAJ509R*18 PAJ509R827 PAJ518W PAJ518W*00 PAJ518W*13 PAJ529B*00 PAJ529B*13 PAJ529B*27 PAK130W PAK130W*04 PAK130W*41 PAK130W*52 PAK130W*53 PAK140W PAK140W*32 PAK140W*35 PAK140W*52 PAK140W*53 PAK143W PAK143W*32 PAK143W*35 PAK143W*52 PAK143W*53 PAK161B PAK161B*02 PAK161B*32 PAK161B*35 PAK161B*52 PAK161B*53 PAK501R PAK501R*03 PAK501R*32 PAK501R*35 PAK501R*52 PAK501R*53 PAK509R PAK509R*03 PAK509R*32 PAK509R*35 PAK509R*40 PAK509R*52 PAK509R*53 PAK518W PAK518W*32 PAK518W*35 PAK518W*40 PAK518W*52 PAK518W*53 PAK529B PAK529B*02 PAK529B*32 PAK529B*35 PAK529B*40 PAK529B*52 PAK529B*53 POH773S*00 POH773W*00