17476000001457 Omega Dishwasher Detergent Dispenser With Coil


Omega is a home appliance brand operating in the Australian market. It is closely related to the Blanco and Smeg brands.


17476000001457 Omega Dishwasher Detergent Dispenser With Coil

This is the dispenser with the Solenoid Coil on the back. The dispenser with the magnetic actuator will not do the job if you are trying to replace this dispenser.

Suits Models including BDW126X
BDW1465X, BDW4535X, DWC066PS, DWC066WE, DWF108SS, DWF126SC1, DWF126WC1, DWF146PC1, DWF146SC, DWF146SC1, DWF146WC1, DWM12P6FSS, DWM12P6FWH, ODW101W, ODW300XN, ODW600W, ODW700X, ODW702X, ODW702XB, OFI101X, OFI604, OSI604, BDW146X, BDW34X, BDW45X, BFD645X, BSID346X, DW101WA, DW300XA, DWC065WE, DWF125PS, DWF125WE, DWF126SS, DWF146PC, DWF146PS, DWF146SS, DWF146WC, DWF146WE, DWF614SS, DWF614WE, ODW300X, ODW507TXB, ODW704WB, ODW704XB, ODW707XB, ODW717WB, ODW717XB, OFI602XXA, OFI604A, PL402XA, PL403A, ZZDWF125PS, ZZDWF125WE, ZZDWF126SS

We are Australian distributors of Genuine replacement Blanco and Omega Spare Parts. All our Omega and Blanco parts come with a 12 month warranty.