17476000001144 Omega Dishwasher Water Inlet Valve


Omega is a home appliance brand operating in the Australian market. It is closely related to the Blanco and Smeg brands.


17476000001144 Omega Dishwasher Water Inlet Valve

Replaces part number 674000200054

Used in Blanco, Everdure, and Omega Dishwashers including the following Models: BDW126X, DWC066PS, DWC066WE, DWF108SS, DWF126SC1, DWF126WC1, DWF146PC1, DWF146SC, DWF146SC1, DWF146WC1, DWM12P6FSS, DWM12P6FWH, ODW101W, ODW300X, ODW300XN, ODW600S, ODW600W, ODW700X, ODW702W, ODW702X, ODW717X, OFI101X, OFI604, OSI604

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