1450206K Electrolux Fridge Handle Pedestal Mount (Stainless) Kit of 3


Electrolux is a global leader in household appliances and appliances for professional use. In Australia Electrolux markets brands including Electrolux, AEG, Chef, Dishlex, Kelvinator, Beefeater, Vintec and Westinghouse.


1450206K Electrolux Fridge Handle Pedestal Mount (Stainless) – Packet of 3. 

This is the small block that holds the handle out from the fridge. There are usually 3 per handle and 6 per side by side fridge. Slightly different colour to the original 1444091 (which is no longer available). If you are worried about the slight colour variation, order a set for each handle on your fridge. 

May be known by other product numbers, including: 1444091, 1445145, 1449944, 1595380, 1597891, 1598714, 1876311, 1598470, 1548766, 1596155, 1595980, 1595393, 1595973, 1597221, 1450206 Suits Models: HSE6070SB-XE, 925042566, ERE6100SX-XPH, 925042427, ERE6100SV-XT, 925042157, ERE6100SV-XE, 920404150, ERE6070SX-XE, 920404153, ERE6100SX-XT, 925042156, WSE6100PA*06, WSE6100SA*06, WSE6100PA*07, WSE6070PB*07, WSE6070SB*07, ERE6100SX-XSA, 925042633, RS645V *10, WSE6070PB, WSE6100SA *03, WSE6070SB, WSE6070PB *06, WSE6100PA, WSE6070SB *06, WSE6100PA *03, RS643V *10, WSE6070SA*4, RS663T, RS663V*07, WSE6100SA*1, WSE6100SA, WSE6070SA, ESM6600SA, RS663V*05, RS663V, RS643V*7, RS643V *05, RS643V, RS663V*7, ESM6470SA, ESM6600WA, ESM6470WA, SSM6100MA*3, KSM6100MB, SSM6100MB, SSM6100MA