1434362F Westinghouse Fridge Evaporator Fan Motor (6.7W)


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1434362F Westinghouse Fridge Evaporator Fan Motor (6.7W)

Previously known as part number 1434362

Suits Westinghouse refrigerator models including: BJ414K*6 BJ414M BJ414Q BJ415K*6 BJ415M BJ415Q BJ423S BJ423S*06 BJ423T BJ424S BJ424T BJ425S BJ425T BJ503S BJ503S*06 BJ503T BJ504BQ BJ504K*6 BJ504M BJ504Q BJ504T BJ505BQ BJ505K*6 BJ505M BJ505Q BJ505S BJ505T BJ506T FJ208S FJ303G*6 FJ303K FJ303K*6 FJ303Q FJ303SM FJ303T FJ383G*6 FJ383K FJ383K*6 FJ383M FJ383Q FJ383T FN291A FN291C FN291F FN291F*06 FN291V N210F N210F*09 N210H N210H*3 N300D N350D N400D N500BD NB380D NB400D RJ212S RJ212S*07 RJ212T RJ412BG RJ412G RJ412K RJ412K*6 RJ412M RJ412Q RJ422S RJ422T RJ442BG RJ442K RJ442K*6 RJ442M RJ442Q RJ445G RJ452S RJ452T RJ453S RJ453T RJ456T RJ522BG RJ522BQ RJ522G RJ522K RJ522K*6 RJ522M RJ522Q RJ525G RJ532S RJ532T RJ533S RJ533S*06 RJ533T RJ536T RS652K RS652M RS652M*1 RS652M*2 RS652M*4 RS652M*6

Beware Cheap Copies of this motor. We’ve seen them. They’re from China and they are rubbish. Please only use the original Westinghouse motor. 

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