12540002 Omega, Blanco Oven Lamp Assembly


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12540002 Omega, Blanco Oven Lamp Assembly. Comes with the light globe.

Genuine Omega/Blanco* replacement part fitted to:

Blanco Oven models including: BOSE605X, BOSE607M, BOSE607X, BOSE609T, BOSE610PX, BOSE625X, BOSE65M, BOSE65XM, BOSE65XP, BOSE665X, BOSE667X, BOSE67M, BOSE67XP, BOSE68X, BOSE69PX, BOSE69TX, BOSE69X, BOSE709M, BOSE79X, BOSE97X, BOSE99XP

Omega Oven models Including: OO455XA, OO457XA, OO651XN, OO651XR, OO652XB, OO652XR, OO655X, OO656X, OO657X, OO65SXN, OO65SXR, OO671XA, OO671XN, OO686X, OO687X, OO6A1X, OO6A2X, OO712XN, OO712XR, OO757X, OO761XA, OO761XN, OO761XR, OO845WR, OO884XN, OO885XR, OO887XN, OO912XN, OO971XN, OO986X

Vicente Oven VOV2

*   Omega and Blanco are the same company