0038001877 Westinghouse Oven Inner Door Panel (Includes Hinges)


Chef is an appliance brand owned by Electrolux. Electrolux also sells the brands AEG, Westinghouse, Simpson, Dishlex, Kelvinator, Volta and Beefeater.

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0038001877 Westinghouse Oven Inner Door Panel (Includes Hinges)

May be known by other product numbers, including: 0038001873, 1563156 1566487 1612447

Suits Models: EOC644S*40 EOC644W*40 EE63AS*47 EOC614S E0C644S*43 EOC614W EOC644W EOC644S EUEE63AS*40 EOEE62AS*47 EOEE63AS*47 EOC644S*04 EOC644W*04 EOC644W*32 EOEE62AS*40 EOEE63AS*40 EUEE63AS EDEE63AS*42 EOEM61AS*42 EOEM61AS*47 EDEE63AS*47 EDEE63AS*40 EOC644S*43 EOEE62AS EOEE63AS EOEM61AS*40 EUEE63AS*46 EUEE63AS*38 EUEE63AS*41 EOEM61AS EDEE63AS EOEE62AS*39 EOEE63AS*39 EDEE63AS*39 EUEE63AS*39 EOEE62AS*41 EOEE63AS*41 EDEE63AS*41 EUEE63AS*42 63H914S*42 63H914W*42 EOEE62AS*42 EOEE63AS*42 EOC644S*42 EOC644W*42 63H914S*40 63H914W*40 EOB305X 944031429 EOB307X 944031430 63H914S 63H914W EOEM61AS*04 EOEK62AK 63H914S*04 63H914W*04 63H914W*32 EUEE63AS*47