Don’t Buy Anything!

……….until you read this. It will only take 60 seconds……..

There are lots of online suppliers of Appliance spare parts. But it is staggering how many of them will not even tell you who they are.  Doug Smith Spares offer you our physical addresses, phone numbers, photos of our shops, and our directors names and photos. When you’re online, if you can’t find that information, ask yourself – why not?

Who are you actually buying from?

If they won’t even tell you who they are, what else are they hiding from you? Why are they hiding their identity? Should you put your credit card into that website? Our Advice – If you want to buy from someone you can trust, buy from someone you can see.

Is it too good to be true?

If you find an $80 part for sale for $40 – guess what. It’s a cheap copy. No matter what they tell you, and no matter what photo appears on the ad, it’s a Chinese, Turkish, or Slovenian knock-off. We’ve seen companies who get the manufacturer’s bags printed and then put elements in them which they sourced from Ali-Baba from an unknown manufacturer apparently based in Hong Kong. They put them up on ebay as “genuine” elements. How would you ever know? Again it comes back to trust.

How long have they been doing this?

It seems like a cute Gimmick to say we’ve been doing this for 50 years, but it matters. Some of these companies were doing something else a year ago, and will probably be doing something else next year. We’ll still be here.

Where’s Their Stock?

We have nearly half a million dollars of actual stock. Real Stock in real warehouses. We have 2 big warehouses and 3 little ones, and we hold stock in all of them to service customers in that area. There are plenty of players in this game that keep absolutely no stock. They drop orders directly to their suppliers, or they just back-order every part from their supplier after you pay them for it. Some of these businesses are being run from an i-pad in a bedroom. That might sound ok, but what if something goes wrong, and you need to return it? Where will you take it to? Remember – they haven’t even told you their address.

So, Please – consider more than just the appearance of a cheap price when buying parts for your appliance. (or anything for that matter). Think about the whole transaction, and deal with a company you can trust.

And last but definitely not least……

People are important 

We’ve got close to 30 great people helping us out, and we’re proud of each and every one of them. It’s with help of people like these that we’ve been here for 50 years helping people just like you, and with your continued support we’ll be here another 50.

Thanks For Reading.

Doug Smith Spares Granville Team Group Photo 23/01/19

Doug Smith Spares Granville Team Group Photo 23/01/19

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