Great News!
Doug Smith Spares are now Australian National Distributors of Hoover Appliance Parts.
The Hoover brand is a household word, but in recent times has had a chequered history. Up until 2014 the brand was handled by Andi, but since then it’s been through various companies importing various parts of the product range, and none of them willing to touch anything that they didn’t import. But that has now all changed…..
Now for the first time in many years, all parts for all models are available in one place – Right here at Doug Smith Spares. 
We are currently warehousing stock of about 250 lines for the most common models. But, anything we don’t have we can order for you directly from Italy. That takes about 10-30 working days.
We can look up exploded views on every model, so whatever part you need for a Hoover – It’ll be no trouble