People instantly understand Generic vs Genuine, when you talk about putting a cheap wiper blade in their Honda. But when it comes to choosing Generic vs Genuine appliance parts for a fridge, dishwasher or washing machine, some people think it doesn’t matter. When it comes to 240V electricity, It absolutely does matter! Like everything else there are often cheap copies available. And many companies, especially some of those out there hiding behind their online store-fronts, offer just that. Low quality imported copies. Some even claim the parts are genuine when they are not.

Not all spare parts are created equal.

We’ve seen copy of a 240V hot water thermostat from China, and the copy even had the original manufacturers Australian Approval numbers on it. There are cheap versions of stove switches, where the terminals can’t handle the current. They burn shut causing the element to be permanently on. And on and on we could go……

Doug Smith Spares pride ourselves on supplying only the highest quality parts available for your appliances, and not substituting with inferior copies. And we Guarantee it.

Doug Smith Spares are manufacturers Distributors for most major brands, most notably Electrolux, Beko, and LG. When you order a Spare part for any of the Electrolux Brands#, you will always receive a genuine quality part, exactly the same as you would if you were buying directly from the manufacturer. We were the first company in Australia to be officially recognised by Electrolux as being 100% Core Range Compliant for genuine Electrolux parts.

“Do you sell non genuine parts at all?”

Yes, but only for certain brands and only in certain circumstances.

Firstly, before we sell a non-genuine part we make sure its exactly the same as the manufacturer’s one, or better. We usually only do this where the original importer no longer sells it. An example of this is our Kleenmaid Washing machine parts. Most of these are sourced directly from Speedqueen who were the manufacturer of the machine in the USA. It’s technically not genuine, but it sort of is. We also source alternatives for some parts, simply because the manufacturer or importer sell it for 3 times what we think it’s worth. That’s why we source identical versions of some common Miele parts directly from Europe for example.

Some brands just make it impossible to buy Genuine. For example, some importers of Chinese made dishwashers, don’t even bring parts in. Luckily, we know all the other brands who bring in the same dishwasher, and usually find the same part from a different model. For example we can sell you a door latch for a Nobel* Dishwasher, that we bought from Delonghi. Only a company such as Doug Smith Spares, with nearly 50 years experience in Appliance Spares, can find these parts for you.  (read More about Chinese made appliances)

Sometimes, Genuine Appliance Parts ARE Generic.

HUH? There are occasions, where we sell a genuine Electrolux part to suit other brands. This would be the case for Dishwasher fill hoses etc, where they are all versions of the same thing. The important thing with these parts is that we sell a product backed by a manufacturer, not a rubbishy Chinese imported version. There is a difference.

In every case, where the part we sell you is not supplied by the manufacturer of your machine, we’ll happily tell you. You are welcome to specify an alternative if you prefer.

#Electrolux Brands include AEG, Electrolux, Westinghouse, Kelvinator, Chef, Simpson, Dishlex, Vintec and Beefeater.
* Nobel had good parts supply whilst they were in business, but went out of business about 10 years ago.