Fisher & Paykel Pumps – Replacements now available

Fisher & Paykel Pumps (420324P) have not been available to purchase from Fisher and Paykel since before Christmas last year. The Smartdrive and Aquasmart pumps sold by Fisher & Paykel were purchased from a company called Selni, in France. However, last year Selni informed F&P that they would not be making any more pumps due to a breakdown of the tooling. F&P reportedly were told that fixing the tooling would require a $300,000 injection of capital, which they decided was not worth it. So they chose instead to relegate the smartdrive pump, and assumedly all the machines with these pumps fitted to history.

Sources inside Fisher and Paykel informed us that the last pumps in Australia were sent to New Zealand to supply the market there, but this is unconfirmed. We have tried to buy pumps form companies in New Zealand, but have had no success unfortunately. It seems the cupboard is bare.

In the last two months, we have also received unconfirmed information that the Selni company is in receivership. Whatever is true and whatever is not, is a little hard to discern. What we can pretty safely assume is that the trusty old Selni SM00-246NR Fisher and Paykel pump looks to be a thing of the past.

The Replacement Pump

Late last year, Doug Smith Spares began trialing a replacement pump. The pump was not an out-of-the-box solution. It is an Italian made pump designed for the European dishwasher market. Making it work to our standards required some small modifications, including modifying the pump so that it latches in properly using the existing retaining clip.

After 6 months of intensive field testing, we are happy to confirm that these pumps are now available to purchase.

Please note though – the pump does still require the installer to cut the wires and fit spade terminals. For this reason we are advising all customers to use the services of a qualified appliance technician to install the pump.

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Tradesmen – Watch our 2 minute video on how to install the UNI207 replacement pump here