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Chef Spare Parts. Chef is a very old home appliances brand in Australia that is still going strong. Operating during the 80’s and 90’s from an antiquated and messy factory in Brunswick Victoria, the brand underwent a number of ownership changes. Vulcan-Chef was bought by Southcorp Appliances, who in turn sold to Email Ltd. When Electrolux took on the Email company, they moved the manufacturing to a more modern facility in Adelaide. The Electrolux group, for whom we are an Authorised Parts distributor, recognised the inherent value in the iconic Australian brand and have committed to it in the foreseeable future. Electrolux also sells the brands AEG, Westinghouse, Simpson, Dishlex, Kelvinator, Volta and Beefeater.

Modern Chef machines are fairly straightforward to identify parts for using our advanced lookup systems. However their older machines (From the Southcorp era and prior) can be quite challenging as very little information was produced on models prior to the turn of the millennium. Thankfully we have bookshelves full of old reference material that allows us to answer some seriously tricky questions on older Chef parts. We have 40 years experience in Appliance spare parts, and we have all the information required to source parts accurately for you.

In the Australian Market Chef sells:

  • Ovens
  • Freestanding Cookers
  • Stoves
  • Cooktops
  • And more…

Doug Smith Spares are authorised distributors of Chef Spare parts.

We hold large stock holdings and have arguably the best variety of Genuine Chef parts in our warehouse of any Electrolux spare parts distributor in Australia. In 2010, Electrolux divested nearly half a million dollars worth of parts for older generation Chef stoves. Doug Smith Spares purchased all of those parts and many of them are still available. But we don’t just have parts for older models. We were also recently awarded 100% core range compliance by Electrolux themselves, so you know you can rely on us to have any Chef part you need.

Our Chef Parts range includes:

  • Chef Rangehood Spare parts including filters, switches, lamps, and motors;
  • Parts for Chef Ovens including hinges, Seals, Heating Elements, Racks, Timers, Thermostats, Springs and much more.
  • Chef stove spare parts, including fan forced elements, grill elements, glass panels, and lights.
  • Cooktop parts including gas burners, knobs, Genuine Chef hotplate elements, trivets and more.

Doug Smith Spares offers a variety of pickup locations and Australia wide delivery, so why not drop us a line or send us an email? Solve your Chef spare parts problem today!

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