Electrolux ZSP4303PET Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner.

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The ZSP4302PP SilentPerformer Cyclonic Animal vacuum cleaner features The SilentPro System, which means it’s extremely quiet. It has adjustable power level making cleaning fast and quiet. With the Dust Magnet Silent nozzle and the Easy Empty System, cleaning is made simple. Plus, it comes with all the power you need to remove pet hair.

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Brand New Electrolux ZSP4303PET Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. ‘SilentPerformer™ Animal’

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The SilentPerformer™ has been built with silence in mind. A noise-optimized motor, together with the construction of the canister and Dust Magnet Silent nozzle nozzle ensure a more quiet clean – without compromising on performance. Replaces model ZCS6930

These vacuum cleaners are boxed and brand new, but due to some damage or deterioration to the carton, they are sold as ‘factory seconds’. This is the reason we can offer them for the best price in Australia. They are brand new, undamaged and sold with a 12m manufacturers warranty, fully supported by Electrolux.  And we’re even throwing in free delivery. 

  • Excellent filtration

    Good filtration is not just about the HEPA filter, dust leakage can occur in other parts of the machine even if the vacuum uses the highest filter type. UltraFlex uses a range of HEPA filters in combination with a sealed filtration system to ensure dust or micro-particles don’t leak at any point of their journey throughout the machine. The result, 99.99% of dust particles and allergens are captured


    Powerful suction

    The twin inlet channels optimise airflow and suction whilst the turbo cyclone spins air at an impressive 140km/hr to efficiently separate the dust.


    Outstanding design

    Offering a compact and light design UltraFlex is very easy to glide and store. Its front multi-directional wheel allows you to move the vacuum in any direction and its clip-on hose reduces storage space. UltraFlex can also be stored horizontally or vertically, giving you more flexibility. Lastly, UltraFlex has an extended cleaning reach of 12 metres to allow you to clean large areas without having to change power points.


    Easy to empty dustbin

    Dispose of dust quickly and easily with the easy to empty dustbin.


    Great performance on multiple floor types

    UltraFlex ncludes the AeroPro Extreme nozzle which is suitable for both carpets and hard floors and features a V shape design to increase airflow and suction.


    Ideal for pet owners

    Aside from the AeroPro Extreme nozzle for carpet and hard floors, UltraFlex Animal Allergy includes a turbo nozzle which is ideal for pet hair pick-up. The turbo nozzle features powerful turbine driven bristles that reach deep into the carpet achieving a gentle brushing action that does not harm the surface


    Powerful Turbo Cyclonic Technology

    Designed to spin the air at an impressive speed of 140km/hr, the turbo cyclonic action ensures dust is suctioned and separated inside the vacuums cyclone.


    Twin Inlet Channels

    The smooth surface of the inlet channels efficiently drives the airflow towards the turbo cyclone, thus optimising airflow and suction.


    AeroPro Extreme Technology nozzle

    Ideal for hard floors and carpet.


    AeroPro Turbo Nozzle

    Ideal for pet hair pick up from carpeted surfaces.


    AeroPro 3 in 1 accessory tool

    Features a dusting brush, crevice nozzle and upholstery tool, all in one.


    HEPA filter with active carbon

    For outstanding filtration


    Combination clip

    Clip on hose to reduce storage


    2 Parking positions

    For easy and compact storage


    LED display

    Highly visible LED to show suction power level (5 different levels to suit different surfaces)

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