074041 Delonghi Oven Electronic Timer


Delongh is an Italian appliance manufacturer based in Treviso, Italy. The group is also responsible for marketing the Kenwood, JVC, Braun and Ariete brands.

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074041 Delonghi Oven Electronic Timer

Replaces part numbers: 074050, 074020, 074021, 074022, 074039, 521156.

This is the most common clock for the Delonghi Ovens and Freestanding Cookers. It suits a wide range of Delonghi Models including: SMAG6, DEMX765, DEMX765, PEMX664/1, SMB6, SMV6CAT, SMV6CAT, DMFPSII, DMFPS60, DMFPS60BF, SMA6PRO, SMI6CAT, CX822, DMFPW, MFPW, DMFPSI, LMFPS, DMFPS, PMA8, DMA8, SMA8, DMV8, PMAN8, PMA8, PMA8/1, SMA8/1, DMA8X, PMA 8X, PMA8X, PMA8 XP, DMV 8, DOMFPS, 8C4MF7W, 8C4MF7X, TEMW664V, TEMX664V, TEMX664/1V, TEMW664/1V, DMFPS62, DOMFPSII, DMFPS62B, DOMFPW, DS61E, DMFPS62BF, D61C, D61EII, D61E, A1346G, PEMB965A, PEMA965A, PEMR965A, PEMX965A, PEMA965A, PEMB965A, DS61GW, D61GII, PEMX664, 61G, D61GW, D61GLPG, PEMX166GHI, D61G, PEMX166/1GHI, D916GWF, D906GII, D906GWF, A106G, EMX166/1GHIT, PEMX166GHIT, D926GII, D926GWF, A1026G. 

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