Chef REHR6S rangehood image

Chef REHR6S Rangehood – $125 Sydney

Chef REHR6S Rangehood *** These ones are sold, but more stock is expected soon *** Don’t pay $234 Now only $125! This Chef REHR6S Rangehood is a factory second appliance. These Rangehoods sell in discount retailers for $234, but we can offer undamaged factory seconds for the best price in Western Sydney.
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Keep your Children Safe around your stove

Most kids love to touch stuff. It’s how they learn. They are natural mimics, and love the old “Monkey see, Monkey do” game. It’s great to allow kids to explore their curiosity, and its great to let them experiment around the house, but obviously we need to keep them safe.
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Rangehood Filters Image

Rangehood Filters

Range Hood Filters. Doug Smith Spares can help you with any range hood filter for any make and model. We have a range of the more common filters in stock, so if you know what the brand and model number of your rangehood is, we may be able to supply
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T031B Universal Repair Self-Fusing Silicone Rescue Tape

Rescue Tape

Rescue tape. Amazing product Rescue tape. The original Self fusing Silicon tape. 1″ X 3.6M roll. Available in red, black or clear. 950PSI tensile strenghth. Resists 260deg c. Insulates up to 8000V. resistant to fuels, solvents, acids, salt water, road salt and Uv rays. Just stretch and wrap. Great for:
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No More Leaking Taps

X-Valve – No More Leaking Taps Ever. X-valve has no washer. It works by using the water pressure to push a ball against a seat. Because there’s no rubber or leather washer, it can’t wear out. this is far smarter technology than standard tap designs. change over today for a trouble
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HEGS Universal Award Winning Orange Clothes Pegs (18-Pack)

Hegs Pegs

HEGS clothes Pegs – as seen on TV Clothes Washing Pegs HEGS Pegs NEW Design as seen on Sunrise HEGS 18 Pack Say goodbye to PEG, LINE and SUN marks!!! The award winning HEG: Designed with dual-hooks to maximise hanging space, an ergonomic grip for ease of use and a
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ACC050 Kelvinator Air-Con Remote Control

ACC050 ‘Universal’ Remote Control

ACC050 ‘Universal’ Remote Control for Most Kelvinator Air Cons. Fits most Kelvinator Air Conditioners. Model listing is below. ACC050 $65.50 Fits models including: KSR20G KSR27G KSC35G KSR35G KSR35FG KSC10E KSR10E KSR15G KSC15G KWH26HRB KWH26CRC 950132936 KSR20F ESD30HRA KSR24G ESD24HRA KSC20F KWH26HRC KSR27IG KWH26CRA KSE26HRA KSR20E KSV26HRA KSE35HRB KWH26HRE KWH26CRB KSE26CRA KWH26HRA KSE26CRB
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Universal Dishwasher Cutlery Basket

Universal Dishwasher Cutlery Baskets

Universal Dishwasher Cutlery Baskets ACC107 Cutlery Basket.  $49.50 Genuine Dishlex Accessory, but suitable for a wide range of dishwashers of all brands. Supplied as original equipment on the following models:  DX301WK 91151602707 SSF6105W SSF6105X 91151617100 DSF6305W 91151617000 DSF6205X 91151313300 DSF6205W 91151313200 DSF6105X 91151918200 DSF6105W 91151918100 91151918101 91151918201 91151918102 91151918202 91151918301 91151918203
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No More Broken Glasses

Avoid broken Glasses in your Dishwasher. ACC088 Dishlex Soft-spikes.   $34. Genuine Dishlex Accessory, but suitable for all dishwashers.   
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Fridge Wine Rack - 3 bottles. ACC188. Doug Smith Spares

Fridge Wine Rack

Fridge Wine Rack ACC188 refrigerator Wine Rack.  Only $22.  Use one wine rack to conveniently store 3 bottles of white wine in your fridge, or stack 2 racks to hold 6 bottles. Free up space in your Fridge Door shelves, buy using one of these. Has Rubber strips for grip and stability.
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Universal Oven Shelf

Adjustable Oven Rack. Fits virtually any oven.

Adjustable Oven Rack. Fits virtually any oven. ACC067 adjustable universal Oven rack. If you can’t find a model number, or the rack for your oven is not being made any more, this is the perfect solution. Adjusts from 350mm to 560MM.
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ACC037 Oven Thermometer. Doug Smith Spares

Fridge and Oven Thermometers

Fridge and Oven Thermometers ACC036 refrigerator Thermometer. -30Deg c top 30Deg c.  Take all the guesswork out and know exactly what’s going on in your fridge. ACC037 Oven Thermometer. 10Deg c to 150Deg c. Do you trust your oven? Know exactly what’s going on and never serve under or overcooked
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ACC035 Universal BBQ Teflon Hotplate Liner (400 x 500mm)

Teflon BBQ liner

Change the way you BBQ Forever ACC035 Teflon BBQ Liner. Simply place the Teflon sheet over the plate. Instantly your BBQ is more hygenic, and non stick. No more burning food stuck to cast iron plates. No more rust, or manky caked on left overs from last time you used
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Pizza Stone kit by Beefeater

Authentic Pizza at home. 

ACC122 Pizza Lovers Gourmet Pizza Set. If you’ve never done home made pizzas in your BBQ, you don’t know what your missing. Making Pizzas at home is a great way to get the kids incvolved in the cooking process. It’s a fun night in for the whole family. This pizza
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BBQ Skewer Kebab Cooking kit

BBQ Skewer cooking made easy.  

ACC075 BBQ skewer and frame set. Elevation stops burning and sticking. Cooks evenly. who ever said that dads are hard to buy for. You’re welcome. 🙂  
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Fresh Plus Fridge Freshener Deodoriser

Don’t put up with stale smells.

  ACC156 Fridge Deodoriser. Open your fridge door and smile. Such a Simple and cost-effective thing. Why not have one of these in your fridge? ACC157 Dishwasher Deodoriser. We know it’s a first world problem, but the smell of a stale dishwasher is special, Isn’t it?. But it doesn’t have
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