Unfortunately Parts for Fisher and Paykel, along with Haier (their parent Company brand) and Delonghi major appliances (built by Elba – their subsidiary company brand) are severely disrupted as Fisher and paykel are currently not dispatching parts, as they are moving warehouses. Please read on for more detailed information……..
We has been no formal announcement of this relocation, so we have no fixed timeframe, but the latest information received from the company on July 27 said “2 to 3 weeks”. but this is only a guess. This particularly applies to Haier and F&P parts. 
So, we ask all customers to please be patient with us regarding this delay. 

The situation with Delonghi parts

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Delonghi Cooking, rangehood and Dishwasher parts are no longer being supplied by Delonghi Australia. Since June 1, 2020, Fisher and Paykel have taken it over the distribution of this product, and at the time of writing still no parts are available from Fisher and Paykel. However, it is not all bad news…….
  • Delonghi Dishwashers are just rebranded chinese made Mideas. That means they are the same as lots of other things, so we have used our extensive knowledge as a multi-brand supplier and resourced most common parts from other places. We can advise you on your own particular needs, but we can find most items for you. 
  • Delonghi stove parts – Delonghi Stoves were mostly built by Elba in Italy. Elba is a factory bought by Fisher and Paykel in 2006 from Delonghi. We assume there was an arrangement between the 2 companies at that time, as Elba has continued to produce stoves for Delonghi Australia, who market them as Delonghi ovens, cooktops etc. So since 2006, your delonghi stove has indirectly been built by Fisher and Paykel. So it makes sense to us that Fisher and Paykel would handle spares for these appliances, but they just don’t have them available yet. We’re sure when they do, supply will be smooth, but we don’t know when that will be. They have not released pricing either, so we are in most cases not even able to quote prices. But, as we said at the top, there is some good news here. Prior to the change in june, we stocked up on Delonghi stove parts, so we still have stock of many common items. We are now ordering most stocked parts directly from Europe, so our stocks are being replenished. .

    So all the common parts like elements, selas, switches, hinges – we can still help you with those, and still have stock of most of it. We are one of the only companies in Australia who has any Delonghi cooker parts available at the moment. But, we still don’t have everything, so please contact us to assess your individual parts needs. 

  • Delonghi Rangehood parts. These are a bit harder. We are currently sourcing parts from Europe, but we are several months away from a valid solution. Like you, we sit in hope that F&P bring these parts online sooner rather than later. 

So, that’s where we’re up to. We’re sure that the situation will resolve eventually, but we just don’t know when. It sums 2020 up pretty well really. 

Delonghi Coffee Machine Parts are unaffected. 

The great news is that this change does not apply to “plug-in” delonghi appliance parts. So parts for Delonghi food processors, heaters, Coffee Machines (Coffee matters!) blenders, and mixers etc are all business as usual still being distributed by Doug SMith Spares directly from Delonghi Australia. Kenwood Chef parts are also not affected by this change.