Don’t put up with stale smells.

  ACC156 Fridge Deodoriser. Open your fridge door and smile. Such a Simple and cost-effective thing. Why not have one of these in your fridge? Buy Online Now….. ACC156 Universal Fridge Freshplus Deodoriser   ACC157 Dishwasher Deodoriser. We know it’s a first world problem, but the smell of a stale

Keep your fridge smelling fresh

No matter how clean you keep a fridge they do, over time, develop that stale, off-plastic smell that can be really unpleasant. (not to mention the smells you get when things go rotten in the bottom of the crisper bins!) Room air fresheners and de-oderants only make it worse, and

Is your Dryer a fire Risk?

You have probably seen or heard media articles recently that indicate that clothes dryers represent a significant fire risk, and you may be worried about just how safe your dryer is….. Well, the good news is that it is not as bad as all the hype would have you believe. The

What to do when your knob is too hard

Sometime sourcing the original Knob for a cooktop can be very hard. Maybe the model number has gone, maybe its in a holiday home and you can’t easily get access. Maybe the manufacturer is no longer in business. Well, it’s a problem no more because there are now stylish universal

Making your New Cooktop fit your Benchtop.

Make your new cooktop fit your benchtop Modern cooktops are often slightly narrower than older cooktops, and often when you go to replace it, you find it doesn’t fit the hole in your bench. In the past the solution was to either fill the gap with something (which looked ugly)