Updated 3/8//2020 7:35 AM AEST

Dear Customers,

The following is for your safety and ours. Please read it fully so you understand what to expect from us.

As with all businesses, we have taken additional precautions to limit our exposure and ensure the health of our staff and customers. Below is an evolving list of actions, most of them around avoiding personal contact. These are spelled out here primarily so that our customers can understand what to expect from our service delivery and how it’s changed. We will continue to update as the situation changes. To receive notifications and as changes happen, please follow our facebook pages. (see below)

All staff were back to work, but as the second wave grows we are watching the situation very carefully, and may again split our teams up by working from home. Experience shows that customers should expect no change in phone service if this occurs. If the situation worsens we may need to close the physical counter to all but contactless pick-up (so no customer service). However this change has not taken place yet, but we are watching the situation closely, as well as working within the comfort levels of our staff. 

Delivery Times – There is no such thing as same day delivery at the moment. Courier times are slowly coming back in line with what they used to be, but most local deliveries are still taking 24-48 hours from despatch. State border closures don’t seem to have not affected deliveries

Supplier Deliveries and the Situation in Victoria – Victoria has moved to Stage 4 restrictions, which seems to be virtually full lock-down. at the time of Writing we do not fully understand how this will effect our supplier deliveries from Victoria, or our customer deliveries to Victoria. We are advising customers to expect longer lead times for procurement of special order parts form ASKO, Bosch, Technika, Baumatic, Ariston, Whirlpool and others. At this stage we do not know whether trucks passing through victoria will be subject to curfew. that will unfold in coming days. if they are, then deliveries form Electrolux in Adelaide may also be slightly impacted.  We ask all customers to please be patient at this time. 

Some suppliers have been and continue to be struggling with both demand and supply, and their delivery times to us have increased. Our staff will try to advise you as best they can in your individual circumstances.

Other important changed in our Service to you:

  • Our counters are open, but please consider having your parts home-delivered where possible. 
  • Strict customer limits are in place at our stores. Individual store details are below.
  • All staff and customers are strictly forbidden from coming here if you are unwell, coughing, or have had a fever in the past 72 hours.
  • Personal Space. We ask customers not to come within 2m of staff, or other customers. If there’s a crowd wait outside. There is a 1M exclusion zone at our counters, and we respectfully ask that all customers stand back. There is strictly no admittance to warehouse or office areas at this time.
  • If you have photos on your phone, we will ask you to email them to us rather than hand your phone over.
  • If you’ve brought your old part with you, please take it back home with you. do not hand it to staff members to discard.
  • Couriers Please drop and collect parcels in designated spaces. Our staff will not be signing for courier deliveries. please sign on their behalf.
  • Our toilets are not available for customer or courier use at this time.
  • We are offering a “counter service” for parts enquiries, but if we are busy we may need to ask you to call your enquiry in instead. The best thing to do is to call ahead and order parts. 
  • Cash is, and always has been one of the biggest spreaders of disease. We are cashless at this time, and will remain so. 
  • Our eftpos terminals are for contactless use only. Orders over $100 will be processed as phone orders and we will process your card numbers into our secure MOTO system.  If you don’t have a credit card we’ll give you our bank details. 
  • Our doors are being jammed open so that nobody has to touch the door handles. Please avoid touching anything inside the shops. 

Masks – Masks are not mandatory in NSW or Qld at this stage. However, customers who choose to wear one and strongly encouraged and sincerely thanked. 

Our Granville store – We have 2 staff now working from home. Stay at least 1 metre back from the counter, and a minimum of 2 metres away from other customers and staff. Do not touch anything please. Strict Customer Limit of 3. Customer number 4 wait outside please. 

Our Burleigh heads store – All of our Gold Coast team are now back at work, however we are \monitoring the outbreak in SE Qld closely.  .Strict Customer Limit of 2. Customer number 3 wait outside please. 

Our Mackay Store –  Mackay is a small store. If you come there and there is a customer waiting, please wait outside. Strict Customer Limit of 2. Customer number 3 wait outside please. 

Our Pymble Store –  Pymble is a small store. Strict Customer Limit of 2. Customer number 3 wait outside please. 

Our Dubbo Store – Strict Customer Limit of 1. Customer number 2 wait outside please. 

Facebook pages to follow:

Gold Coast 

Thank you to our customers for being patient, co-operative and kind. Our staff are wonderful and we are very grateful to (still) have them. We need to keep them working for as long as we are allowed to, because your life in isolation is going to suck with a broken stove. To the very small minority of people who still don’t get it – If you come here questioning why we are “difficult to deal with”, you expose yourself as someone who is not taking this seriously. We have zero tolerance for people who think this is a joke, a conspiracy or a breach of your human rights. Our Covid-safe rules are a condition of entry, and no matter who you are, you will be asked to leave immediately if you are not willing to be part of the solution. 


Matt Martin
Managing Director..