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F&P Fault Codes

Fisher & Paykel Smart Drive washers are self diagnosing machines and dead simple to fix if you know how. But up until now only a select few servicemen were privy to this information. (Remember when you had to pay $70 to buy a book with the codes in it - and the book was only for the old models)

In due course, we will also provide some diagnosis codes for Dishwashers, dryers and ovens.

Basically all you need to do is put the machine through its self diagnostic routine, read the code, consult your manual (which is here for you) and Bob's your uncle.


How to read Binary Code.

When you put the machine through a diagnostic test it will light up the wash progress LED's indicating a fault code, which is in Binary Code. (or base 2 for the mathemeticians)

For example a Smart Drive washing machine may return a fault as shown below.

By giving each LED a value, and adding the values together you can determine a fault code. ( If no LEDs light up while beeping occurs, as an LED may have coincidently failed and an LED test may be necessary).

In this case the illuminated LEDís are the Ď32í LED and the Ď1í LED, therefore the detailed fault code is: 32+1 =33

Then look up the fault code for that particular model, that corresponds to the code being displayed on the readout. (In this case 33) When referring to the actual fault code you will see the number of the code written as binary code. The O indicates that the LED is off, while the 1 indicates that the LED is on. This is useful to check that the fault code you are reading is the right one. In this case the binary code for 33 is 00100001. You will note that the 1ís correspond to the 'ON' LEDís.

Carry out the actions in the order that they are suggested for each fault code. I.e. if action (a) does not rectify the problem, carry out action (b), etc.

Some of the faults apply to parts of the electronic circuit contained within the Electronic Modules. The explanations of these code have been simplified for these particular faults, as they are not field serviceable items. For example, "replace CPU" would simply be described as a display module fault, and you would change the display module. 

Fault codes are listed here for the following models. They are MSWord documents so you can download them and print them out easily.


Smart Drive Washers:

Important Note: Some PCB's are no longer available, and are replaced by kits. Click Here to read the PCB Replacement Bulletin. (updated 10/10/2001)

500 series Smart Drive Washers - (early models - grey boards)

Series 8 machines: 501/03/08 - 601/03/08 - 701/03/08 - MW051/53/58 - LW015/35/85 - AW085 

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