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 Brand new Conia Appliances!

With the latest technology and durabilty to last how could you say no at these prices!:




Air-Conditioners (Split Pystems) $799
Refrigerators $199

Are you Cross-Selling After Market Products to your customers?

Once you have got a job from a customer, and you have been invited into their home, you have an ideal opportunity to sell them something. Sure, you will service their appliance, but why not add some value to your service by offering them a range of appliance support products.

Apart from the obvious benefit to you from getting the extra sale, you will be training your customers to look after their appliances better, and in the long run that will keep the older appliances off the scrap heap, and in circulation. That benefits us all.

For example, if you have serviced their dryer, why not sell them a spare filter, so that the customer can change it in 12 months time without any fuss. (they are dirt cheap, why not consider throwing one in for free as a gesture of goodwill.) Perhaps even jot in next year's diary, that MRS Smith's filter is due for changing and ring her up and remind her. What great service for the price of a phone call! And she just might need some other work done when you call her.

 If you fix stoves, mention to the customer the benefits of using Solid Hotplate Cleaner, and offer them one for only an additional.........whatever it is. You will be amazed at how many of your customers, value your recommendations.

A range of cleaning products that are perfect for this use is listed here. Have a look and think about how you could actually make more money and help your customers at the same time.

Brand new Nobel appliances!

Italian made kitchen appliances.
Elegant design to compliment any kitchen.