No matter how clean you keep a fridge they do, over time, develop that stale, off-plastic smell that can be really unpleasant. (not to mention the smells you get when things go rotten in the bottom of the crisper bins!) Room air fresheners and de-oderants only make it worse, and may even taste your food. But here’s a simple life hack you need to know…………

There is a really simple solution to the problem, that everybody should be following. Simply sprinkle some carb soda on a saucer and put it in the bottom of your fridge or freezer and leave it there for a day or so then discard it. Repeat this process about every month or two and your fridge will smell like a new one again. (or rather not smell – like a new one!)

As well as this, you could try a Refrigerator Air freshener. They are specifically designed for the fridge and won’t emit and overpowering smell. But you will be pleasantly surprised every time you open you fridge.

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