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Products to keep your appliances in the best possible shape.

On this page you will find specialty cleaning and maintence products designed to keep your Appliances working to their full potential and looking newer for longer. All the products here are sold and recomended by Appliance Manufacturers such as Electrolux, The makers of Beefeater, AEG, Chef, Dishlex, westinghouse, simpson, Kelvinator and more.

Coffee Machines
Laundry Products
Stoves and Ovens
Stainless Steel Cleaning Products

Pricelist. (as at May 2016)

Keep Your BBQ sparkling!

ACC108. Ecosenstial BBQ Cleaner.

Replaces 3 BBQ cleaning products! Cuts grease.

For your Dishwasher

ACC017 Dishwasher Descaler. to give your Dishwasher that Shiny new feel

When using detergents in your dishwasher, a natural build up of alkaline will occur causing scaling and a white discoloration. Scalex Dishwasher Descaler is designed to reduce scaling and oil build-ups which cause drains to block 75g. Sachet. (also Available in 350G tub - Pt Number ACC103)

Simply sprinkle it in, and run it through a cycle empty. Do that every few months and it will give your dishwasher a fresh Hygenic look just like it had the day you bought it.  

ACC002. Dishwasher Salt - Water Softener.

Slow disolving Dishwasher solt reduces Calcium and Potassium ionisation in hard water areas. Better washing and less calcification are the results.


For you Cooking Appliances

Solid hotplate cooktops: 

ACC033 Shine-On Solid hotplate protector. 

Keep your sintered hotplate cooktop looking like it did the day you bought it. 'Shine on Hotplate Protector' is a rub on polish for solid hotplates that is specially formulated to stop pitting and rusting. Click here to read our Blog Post about Hotplate protection.

Ceramic cooktops (glass):

ACC019 Cerapol Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner

How do you get those baked on spills off your ceramic hotplate without harsh scratching? Cerapol is designed specifically for the job. Used with the special scraper (ACC014)  it makes cleaning glass cooktops a breeze.  Use ACC018 Ceraseal to apply a protective coating to your Ceramic Cooktop. This make spills less likely to stick, and also prtects the glass against scratching.

ACC152 Ecosential Cooktop Clearner


ACC016 K2R Oven Cleaner

The Best Oven Cleaning Spray you can buy, and the only one recommended by Electrolux, the manufacturers of Chef, Westinghouse, AEG and Simpson.


For all Your Stainless Steel Appliances

Whether it's a fridge, stove, Dishwasher or even the kitchen sink, stainless steel can be a bugger to keep clean. Now there are products specifically designed for this purpose.

ACC030 Stanless Steel cleaning solution.   

Includes Stainless Steel Cutback Solution and Microfibre Cloth. Cloth is also available on it own. (Pt Number ACC008. )

ACC001 Stainless Steel Ezi-Wipes

ezi-wipes provide a protective sheen to stop grime build up from occurring. the easiest way to keep stainless steel looking new. Pkt 10.

For your Rangehood

ACC181 Appliance Cleaner  

Powerful Grease Cutting, perfect for Rangehood Filters. Also great for the oven.

The new Ecosenstial Appliance Cleaner and De-greaser is Powerful enough to get the grease out, but designed specially not to harm the rangehood or leave a greasy residue.  Just spray it on and rinse it off.  


For your Laundry

ACC104 Laundry Powder.  

For use in Top loading Washing machines. the only powder distributed by Electrolux, the manufacturers of Simpson, Westinghouse, Kelvinator and AEG washing machines. refill pack also available, Pt Num ACC105

106 Laundry Liquid.  

For use in Top loading Washing machines. the only Laundry Liquid distributed by Electrolux, the manufacturers of Simpson, Westinghouse, Kelvinator and AEG washing machines.


ACC020 K2R Fabric Stain Remover.  

The best stain remover on the market by far. Once you're tried it we think you'll love it. 


For Your Coffee Machine

ACC074 Cafetto Descaler/restorer.  

Removes scaley build up. Use monthly. Cleaner equipment means a purer tasting Coffee.


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